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Pictured some members of the fan club together with Leighton Aspell enjoying a days racing at the fan clubs sponsored race day at Fontwell Park

The Leighton Aspell fan club was formed in 2001. It started in the Marine View Hotel in Worthing Sussex.
Every Friday night a few friends and I would meet in the Marine View. We would put on the tele text and search Saturday's racing. We would select an horse and back it, the only rule was that Leighton Aspell had to be the jockey. Soon many regulars started to take notice after having some very profitable winners. One or two of them tried to join in but joking we said " Sorry you have to be a member of the fan club" There was no such club at the time. Because it got so popular i decided to form the Leighton Aspell Fan Club - just for a bit of fun. I was amazed how it took off within a 6 months we had over 100 members. News soon spread and fan club started to get regular mentions on sky tv's Attheraces. A monthly magazine was produced which from the feed back I got was very popular. When Leighton decided to retire in 2007 the fan club boasted over 300 members nation wide including Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


Why Leighton?

I first noticed Leighton when he was claiming (3) he took my eye when riding very moderate horses around Plumpton and Fontwell and getting the very best out of them without the over use of the whip. He always gave his best even on the nuttiest horses. He'd travel the length and bredth of the country many a time for just one ride on a complete outsider. It baffled me why he didn't get the kind of rides he deserved, but he had a lot of loyal owners and trainers that would always use his skills. A quote from one trainer "I always put the best jockey up on my horses, but if Leighton's not available i'll use Tony McCoy.

After 12 successful years the fan club's monthly magazine comes to an end in June 2013.
The fan club will still carry on through the website, but in name only.
The website will be updated daily and from 1st July 2013 will include some of the item that appeared in the magazine. Such as - 'Race Reports' a report on Leightons every race, normally within seconds of the race finishing: Upto date standings- Wins Places and £1 stake total: 'Latest Bookings' - Be the first to find out leightons Future booking up dated regularly, and on many ocassions before the racxing press. Plus lots more.  
Membership to the club also end in June 2013. But the website is open to everyone for FREE:
Enjoy the website, keep supporting Leighton Aspell.
Thankyou for your loyal support:

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